How to look after your dog during a heatwave

Temperatures in the UK have jumped considerably in the last few days. Up here in Cumbria it’s about 25°C and rising. And further south, it’s already more than 30°C. So, there’s no doubt we’re all starting to feel the heat. But if you can feel it, so can your dog. Which is why I’m writing this post today, as it’s really important that you know how to look after your dog during a heatwave.

4 Advent Calendars for dogs

Hurrah, it’s nearly Christmas! And it’s not just kids that enjoy an Advent calendar in the run up to the big day. Yep, more and more companies are cottoning onto the popularity of dog advent calendars. So, after a bit of a snoop around, I’ve picked out my favourite four suggestions. Here’s what’s on offer and what’s good about them: