UK pet insurer petGuard has teamed up with Swedish virtual vet service FirstVet
UK pet insurer petGuard has teamed up with Swedish virtual vet service FirstVet

24/7 online medical advice for pet owners

It’s no secret that virtual GP services have been essential to us during the last year, with the challenge of COVID-19 disrupting normal services. Now, a UK pet insurer has teamed up with a Swedish virtual vet service to offer a similar service for pets and their owners.

Insurance company petGuard has teamed up with FirstVet to provide a 24/7 virtual video consultation service for pets, free to pet-owning policyholders.

How the FirstVet app works

FirstVet is already a market leader in Scandinavia and has a fast-growing following in the US, Germany and here in the UK. They offer a fast and simple app that enables pet owners to describe their pet’s issue and upload any relevant photos.

Following this, owners and their pets will get a video consultation with an experienced vet. FirstVet already have nationwide coverage. So, referral to a local veterinary clinic can be made, helping anxious pet owners find suitable treatment.

petGuard services

Now, people who have a petGuard insurance policy for their pets, can access this virtual service via the company’s website. The FirstVet service is free for both new and existing petGuard policyholders. And it covers a comprehensive range of ailments, including gastrointestinal, weight and behavioural problems, so that’s good news.

You may not have heard of petGuard, but they’re a Gloucester-based company that specialise in insurance for cats and dogs. They offer cover for accidents, illness, and theft, as well as emergency boarding. They can help with things like reward costs if your dog goes missing and farewell costs if the worst should happen.

They’ve seen a significant increase in pet ownership in the last 12 months, as people have discovered the benefits of animal companionship at home. But with self-isolating and shielding still necessary, it can be difficult for everyone to get straight out to a vet. Which is one of the reasons petGuard has introduced this new service.