Natural Instinct, Paw-Fect Catch dog treats
Natural Instinct, Paw-Fect Catch dog treats

A Paw-Fect Catch for dogs on Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, why not show your pooch some love with a romantic seafood platter? OK, maybe that’s going a bit overboard, but Natural Instinct have the next best thing. They’ve launched the limited-edition Paw-Fect Catch treats, especially for Valentine’s Day.

Providing your dog with a healthy, natural treat, the Paw-Fect Catch’s seafood platter includes a selection of raw prawns, mussels and whitebait.

The Paw-Fect Catch

These treats are made to support pet health and development, with nutrients including magnesium, copper and zinc. And they’re low in fat too!

The whitebait provides a low-calorie source of protein, and the mussels are a good source of magnesium to help build bones. The Prawns are low in calories and help with the development of a healthy immune system.

Natural Instinct, Paw-Fect Catch dog treats
A healthy seafood platter for your dog on Valentine’s Day

So, whilst you enjoy your special day with your loved one, your beloved dog can enjoy some guilt-free tasty treats.

Natural Instinct believe in making natural food for dogs, keeping your pooch healthy and happy. They produce raw dog food, natural dog food and working dog food, as well as probiotic treatments and raw cat food.

They are raw food specialists, providing owners with additive-free food. This type of pet food can help some dogs who suffer with problems such as itchy skin and joint conditions.

Natural Instinct’s Paw-Fect Catch Treats are available from their website and cost £4.20 per packet (plus P+P). The treats are also suitable for cats.

If you pick up a pack this Valentine’s Day, let us know what you think!