allBIO poo bag review by Good Doggy Guide

Why we like allBIO plastic-free poo bags

Dog poo. It’s not a nice subject to talk about, but it’s one all dog owners are familiar very with. And picking up our dog’s poop is something we need to do. When we first got our dog, I was concerned about the amount of plastic poo bags we were getting through. It didn’t feel very environmentally friendly. So, we looked for an alternative.

Looking at the products in local pet shops, I noticed that many of the bags claimed to be fully degradable, but they were made of plastic. So, I looked online for a plastic-free alternative.

That’s when I came across allBIO bags. Since we’ve started using these bags, I’ve noticed many more brands appearing on the market (which is great). However, at the moment we’re happy to stick with allBIO’s poo bags. And here’s why.

Plastic-free poo bags

They’re made from corn starch, so no micro-plastics polluting our environment.

Need I say more? OK, I will say one more thing. We use the local bins to dispose of our poo bags when we’re out on our walks, so it’s good to know that we’re not adding to the plastic waste in our landfills. Yes, it’s not the perfect solution, but until those poo-powered lampposts come into being, it’s the next best thing

Made from compostable material

They’re compostable and biodegradable, so if you’ve got a compost heap, you can dispose of them safely there. Now, you might they eew, no way! But if your compost heap is properly maintained, the microbes in the heap should be able to deal with and break down the nasties in the poop, as well as the bag itself.

The bags are strong

Right from the off, I found the allBIO bags much stronger than the plastic bags I’d used previously. There’s nothing worse than the worrying about a flimsy poo bag when you’re picking up your dog’s business!

The bags are made with a star-shaped base and (fingers-crossed) we haven’t had any problems with tearing.

They’re good-sized poo bags

The bags come in medium, large and extra-large sizes, so even you’ve got a big breed dog, there’s a bag that’ll work for you. We use the medium bags for our beagle’s poo and they’re an ample size.

I find using a good-sized bag means they’re less fiddly and I don’t feel like I’m in danger of getting my fingers near the poop when I’m tying the bag up.

With useful handles

Handles are, of course, useful for tying and carrying the bags. So, the big handles on the allBIO bags are perfect for quick and easy pick-ups when you’re out for walkies!

And you can buy them in bulk

Because we’re buying online, it’s nice to be able to buy in bulk. It’s much less faffing about and no worries about running out too quickly. There’s a bit of a discount for buying 300 at a time which makes it more cost-effective too!

And that’s why we like the allBIO dog poo bags. Do you have a favourite brand?

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  1. I’d like to add that I have on occasion accidentally sat on these bags when they contain a deposit and they’ve not once broken. So they get my vote!

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