Natural Instinct's Easter Feast
Natural Instinct's Easter Feast for dogs and cats

An Easter Feast for your dog

If you’re like us, you’re probably looking forward to the Easter break. Many of us are already planning a big family meal to celebrate. But what about our beloved pets? They’re part of the family too! If you’re thinking of treating your dog to something tasty and nutritious, then Natural Instinct may have just the thing.

Natural Instinct have created the Easter Feast, especially for our dogs and cats. But it’s not just a seasonal treat. This complementary raw pet food is made with natural, human grade ingredients. And it can add some much-needed variety to your pet’s diet too.

The Easter Feast’s ingredients include British turkey with bone (60%), salmon with bone (35%) and British beef liver (5%), which I know our dog would love. But as well as being tasty, the ingredients in this bespoke meal also aid a healthy diet. It has a source of taurine which helps the brain, eye, and heart functions. And it contains a source of zinc to improve the quality of your pet’s coat and skin.

This special recipe can be served as an Easter treat or you can use it to whip up a meal, tailored to your pet’s individual tastes and health needs. It comes in a 1kg pack for £4, or two 500g packs for £4.50. And they’re available from Natural Instinct’s website now.

This special Easter Feast follows on from Natural Instinct’s limited edition Valentine’s Day treats, which seemed to go down well with the nation’s cats and dogs alike!