BeLoved’s 100% natural pet care
BeLoved’s 100% natural pet care

Natural pet care from BeLoved

Does your dog suffer with sensitive skin or dry paws? There are lots of pet products out there to help, but what if you’re looking for solutions that are a bit more natural? There are so many natural soaps, shampoos and balms for us humans, but what about natural pet care products for our furry friends?

We’ve had a few problems with our beagle‘s skin and paws in the past, so Be:Loved‘s 100% natural pet care range caught my eye this week. Their products are derived from an old family recipe book and use ingredients such as beeswax, manuka honey, lavender, tea tree, camomile, aloe vera and goat’s milk.

Natural pet care for dogs

The inspiration comes from Be:Loved’s old family farmhouse recipe book. The recipe book was used to create farmhouse fare when money was tight. Using nothing but what could be found in the hedgerows or from nature’s harvest, the family would make soaps and shampoos for the farmers. These homemade products would help clean grubby hands and paws, and moisturise callouses. Everything was completely natural.

Now, these recipes that have been reimagined so our four-legged friends can benefit from a bit of natural pampering too.

BeLoved’s 100% natural pet care
Be:Loved’s 100% natural pet care

As well as soaps and shampoos, Be:Loved also produce natural odour eliminating sprays and a fancy boot room candle (great for those of us who are a little bit interiors obsessed). As our beagle likes to share her rather distinctive scent around the house, I’m quite keen to try these. Getting rid of dog smells around the home is something we all need help with!

Products to help dogs with sensitive skin

The range has recently been expanded to help dogs with sensitive skin. And extra moisturising aloe, goat’s milk, hemp and shea butter have been added to improve dry or cracked paws. Natural insect repellents are also used, to help keep bites at bay when adventuring in the great outdoors.

Made with moisturising ingredients, the range includes soaps, sprays, oils and balms. Perfect for protecting and nourishing our hands as well as giving our dogs a natural pamper.

Eco friendly and handmade in the UK

Be:Loved’s products are handmade in Britain and only tested on humans.
The full range is also MIT and paraben free. And the packaging is kept to a minimum too, so it’s better for the environment.

What dog care products have worked well for you? Let us know what your favourite dog shampoo or lotion is!