TrimPet app for one-to-one mobile dog grooming
TrimPet's mobile dog grooming service

Dog Grooming goes mobile with TrimPet app

The pandemic has made it hard for us dog owners to keep our pooches looking their best, hasn’t it? So, it may be good news that TrimPet, a new dog grooming app, will be launching in the UK next week. This new app will allow you to book a dog grooming session at the push of a button.

This new service is set to launch on Monday 15th March 2021. It will be bringing qualified and experienced pet groomers together with pet owners in an online community. The TrimPet App will allow dog owners to book appointments, pay for grooming services and build up rewards.

Dog owners will also be able access TrimPet’s advice blog, and connect to their social media, via the app.

TrimPet will be available nationwide, so pet owners right across the United Kingdom will be able to book a grooming appointment on a day and time that suits them.

TrimPet’s groomers will be working on a unique one-to one and door-to door basis. Each pet groomer will have a fully equipped mobile grooming van. They’ll be aiming to exceed owners’ expectations of pet grooming and guarantee a service that’s both personal and convenient.

TrimPet is a new company formed by entrepreneur Danny Kourosh, who hopes to have 10 to 16 vans operating nationwide by September 2021. We wish Danny the best of luck with this innovative new service and hope it takes off!

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