Dixie, photo by Dogs Trust
Dixie, photo by Dogs Trust

Happy Christmas tails for rehomed dogs

We gave our dog Poppy her forever home just a few years ago, and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made. Although it’s been hard work at times, it’s always been rewarding. It’s a happy tale of a waggy tail, which we can all appreciate at this time of year. So, here’s a few more happy ‘tails’ of rehomed dogs, just in time for Christmas…

Rehomed dogs go from balding pups to furry friends

Last Christmas two young pups were waiting to find their forever homes. They were rescued after being found abandoned, along with their mum.

Holly and Ivy, RSPCA
The two bald pups, rescued last Christmas by the RSPCA

At just 12 weeks old, the bald and skinny pair of pups were dumped on a roadside in Surrey. They were taken in by the RSPCA’s Millbrook Animal Centre and given woolly jumpers to keep them warm until they recovered.

This year, the two dogs will be able to enjoy a proper Christmas in their forever homes. Ivy has been helping her new owners through lockdown. The happy and outgoing pooch can’t wait until she can start socialising with other humans and dogs again. And Ivy’s sister Lupin is also in a new loving home where she loves running around the garden and sleeping on the sofa.

The pair have both now grown their fur back and are enjoying life. And if you are wondering about the pups’ mum, she is doing well in her new home too. We wish the rehomed dogs all the best for the future!

It was love at first sight for Dixie’s owners

Dixie the dachshund was found in a ditch behind a pub earlier this year. Under weight, in poor condition, and virtually blind, Dixie was kindly nursed back to health by Dogs Trust Bridgend.

Dixie, photo by Dogs Trust
Dixie the dachshund, photo by Dogs Trust

She has now found her pawfect home with a family in Port Talbot. They fell for her after seeing her online and are now enjoying life together. It’s great news, and Dixie is now preparing to spend her first Christmas with her new family. Her new owner, Lucy Chant, is happy to report that Dixie is now leading a full life and doesn’t let her poor vision stop her!

And finally…

Dogs Trust have launched A Christmas Tale to raise awareness about puppy smuggling, as part of their Change the Tale campaign. It’s not quite the happy tale you might expect, but we should all be aware of this growing problem when thinking of buying a puppy.

Do you have a happy ‘tail’ to share with us? We’d love to hear your rehoming stories. Share in the comments section below, or contact us with your tale and we’ll do our best to feature you and your best friend in a post!