HiLife it's only natural wet dog food
HiLife's it's only natural dog food

HiLife, a natural complete dog food

We’re all keen on making sure our dogs are eating the right food, with simple, natural ingredients. We like to know our pet food isn’t bulked out with hidden nasties. So, we’re always happy to discover dog food brands, such as HiLife, that concentrate on what’s important.

Whether you feed your dog wet or dry food depends on what suits you and your dog’s tummy. We feed our dog dry food but do like to supplement it with wet food ever so often. We find wet dog food great for stuffing Poppy’s Kong with, and providing some added enrichment to her day.

HiLife’s natural wet dog food range

HiLife’s it’s only natural wet food range is made with 100% natural ingredients, including wholegrain brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables. So, no hidden nasties.

There’re four chicken recipes you can choose from, with beef, duck, salmon and tuna on the menu. HiLife’s dog food pouches can be bought as single packets or in packs of eight, 24 or 32. So, you can try a single pouch to begin with, to see what your dog thinks of it.

However, if you decide to go for a multipack then you can try The Fisherman’s One, The Farmer’s One or The Marketplace One.

The Fisherman’s One contains both chicken and salmon, and chicken and dolphin-friendly tuna flavours. As well as the meat and fish, the ingredients include rice, green beans, apple, sweet potato and blueberry.

The Farmer’s One contains both chicken and beef, and chicken and duck flavours. As well as the meat and rice, you’ll find kale, cranberry, pumpkin and carrot in the recipes. I suspect our dog would enjoy these flavours the most, she does love a bit of duck!

Alternatively, you can opt for The Marketplace One, which is a bumper variety pack of 32 pouches with all four chicken flavours included.

Who are HiLife?

HiLife also have a Banquet range, made with human-grade meat and no sneaky additives.

HiLife is a family-run business based in Melton Mowbray and their products are stocked in most supermarkets and pet stores. They’re also available online.

Have you tried HiLife’s it’s only natural dog food? Let us know what you, or rather your dog, thinks of its flavours by leaving a comment below!