Poppy the beagle, dog on chair
Poppy the beagle, dog on chair

How to remove pet odours from your home

We all love our dogs, but they also leave us with a problem. How do you remove pet odours from your home?

Does your dog smell as bad as our beagle?  Do you find it difficult keeping the sofa and carpets odour free?  Do you worry that guests will turn their noses up when they walk through the door?

We are lucky enough to have two lounges, one known as the good lounge, and one as Poppy’s lounge.  This means that we can keep the dog out of the best room, so guests don’t get covered in hair or dog slobber.  However, not everyone has this option, so I’d like to share with you some tips I’ve learnt to help keep your home (almost) odour free.

The sofa and carpets

OK, so in an ideal world the dog wouldn’t be on the sofa. However, we all know don’t we that this is not the reality.  Dogs like sofas, and who can blame them?

So, what practical things can you do?  Firstly, if you’re thinking of replacing your sofa soon, make sure your next sofa comes with loose covers.  There are a few companies who make them, including Ikea, dfs, and sofasofa.

Obviously, you can’t wash the covers frequently, as they may start to fade and bobble, but it does give you the opportunity to give them a spring clean or wash them before guests arrive at Christmas.

Poppy the beagle, dog on chair
Our beagle Poppy loves sofas and chairs, but we don’t love the dog odour

But other than replacing the sofa, what can you do?  Covering your sofa with nice throws will save your upholstery from getting dirty. I find fleece throws are great, for two reasons.  They create a nice cosy covering for your seats, and are easy to clean (and they dry nice and quick too).

Make sure you vacuum the sofa and carpets frequently to remove hair and dander, including under the seat cushions and rugs.  Hair doesn’t always come out with vacuuming, so run a slightly damp marigold glove over the surfaces to collect the remaining hair.

If the soft furnishings are still smelling a little stale, you could also try sprinkling baking soda on carpets and sofas.  It may need working around a bit and will need leaving for a few hours.  A good time to do this is just before you take your dog out on a nice long walk.  It’ll be ready to vacuum up when you get back!

The dog bed

I often look at fancy dog beds and think how nice they are.  But when I check the cleaning instructions, I change my mind.  It’s surprising how many dog beds are a pain to clean.  If your dog’s bed is a nightmare to clean too, then you could use an easy to clean fleecy throw to line the bed with, or make your own removable covers.  I bought a large floor cushion cover for our dog’s bed, which fits nicely over the non-washable covers!

Dog in dog bed
How to remove pet odours: the dog’s bed, a smelly retreat (Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash)

Avoid spraying perfumed room sprays over the dog bed.  Your dog will hate it, their bed is their safe space that should smell of them.  And chemical scents are not really good for your pooch.  Our dog, like many, licks her bedding. So, avoid using unnecessary chemicals to mask smells.

What worked for us

After we have finished vacuuming, we use an enzyme-based, scent free, spray on our soft furnishings.  Our house doesn’t smell of artificial scents, but it doesn’t smell of stinky beagle either.

Can I try this?

Yes, there are a few environmentally friendly products on the market that work to break down the bacteria that creates the smell.  Always check the label, go for a pet specific product that is chemical-free.

So, those are my tips for trying to remove pet odours from the home, and to make it easy to keep the dog smell at bay! What tricks and tips do you have for removing dog odours?