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Embrace your goofball dog on Love Your Pet Day

How to spoil your dog on Love Your Pet Day

It’s Love Your Pet day today (Monday 20th February 2023), giving you a good excuse to spoil your dog rotten. Of course, giving them lots of treats isn’t always a good idea. So, here’s a five other ways you can show your pooch some love…

1. Go for an extra long walk

There are few dogs that don’t appreciate the opportunity to get out and about, sniffing new things whilst getting muddy and wet. So, why not take your dog on a longer than usual walk or for a dog walk somewhere new?

Go for a different dog walk (Image Patrick Hendry via Unsplash)

2. Book into a dog park

If you have a dog that’s still in training or nervous, why not book into a dog park? Dog parks are a secure place to let your dog off the lead. They’ll have the area to themselves, so there’s no need to worry about other dogs bounding over. Dog parks vary from basic fields for stress-free sniffing to well-equipped spaces with agility activities and toys.

3. Teat them to a better bed

If your dog is getting on a bit or has joints that could benefit from a bit of extra support, why not treat them to an orthopaedic bed? Scruffs have a range of beds and mattresses with dense crumb memory foam and Charley Chau have layered memory foam mattresses with anti-microbial covers.

Get a better bed: Anti-Microbial Memory Foam Dog Bed Mattress with a Mini Bolster Pad from Charley Chau

4. Play a game together

Dogs love playing games, whether that’s tug-of-war with a toy, fetch with a soggy ball or a scent game. Even if it’s just ten minutes of play during the day, your dog will appreciate it. Often while I’m working, I’ll hide a few pieces of kibble around the house to keep our beagle occupied and active. ‘Find it’ is one of her favourite games, mostly because it involves food!

5. Make their meal time more interesting

That brings me onto another way to spoil your dog on Love Your Pet Day. Instead of extra treats, why not make their meal time more interesting instead? Lick mats, snuffle boxes and snuffle mats are a good way for them to earn their food and provides much-needed enrichment. Making your own snuffle box is simple. Just find an empty cardboard box and scrunch up some paper. Now scatter in a bit of kibble and watch your dog snuffle for it.