Dog & Cat image from Arden Grange pet food
Get involved with Arden Grange's Animal Rescue Charity giveaway! (Image courtesy of Arden Grange)

Nominate your local animal charity for Arden Grange’s pet food giveaway

Did you know, it’s International Dog Day? Yep, today is the day to celebrate our beloved pooches. Although, as most of us know, dogs are celebrated every day with fulfilling walks, tasty treats and energetic playtimes! However, independent pet food producer Arden Grange, are making the day that extra bit special for animals that really do need it.

Arden Grange make naturally hypoallergenic, premium dog and cat food. And they’ve been doing so for 25 years. To celebrate this milestone, they’re gifting 25 food bundles to 25 independent animal charities in the UK.

So, this is where you come in. Arden Grange is asking all of you animal lovers to nominate your favourite local registered animal charity or shelter for this giveaway. To qualify, the charity must be a registered independent animal charity that’s located on mainland UK. You can do it via Facebook or Instagram. And all you need to do is simply name your favourite charity in the comments of the relevant posts. Then, 25 winning charities will be picked at random. Each will receive 25 large bags of Arden Grange dog and/or cat food!

I’ll be off to nominate our local rescue centre myself shortly. As you may already know, our dog Poppy is a rescue dog. So, it’d only be right to pop a nomination in for the people who looked after her before us.

To spread the love, you’re encouraged to not only nominate but ask others to get involved by sharing the @ardengrangeuk posts on Instagram, including the hashtag #ArdenGrange25. So, what are you waiting for?

Arden Grange’s pet food

Arden Grange dog and cat foods are naturally hypoallergenic, nutritious, and suitable for all life stages and breeds. Each product in their range includes ingredients that promote special health benefits. They use krill as a source of omega 3 fatty acids and prebiotics to support digestion and the immune system and don’t include the most common dietary allergens.

Arden Grange believe their natural foods can also help with common ailments found in rescue dogs and cats arriving at shelters. Problems such as being under or overweight, and being stressed, anxious or fussy with food.

If you fancy finding out more about the Arden Grange range or want keep up to date with their celebrations, including a special competition to win £25,000, head over to their website. And if you fancy discovering more nutritional food and treats for your dog, keep an eye on our products page.