Would you pull a sickie to look after your pup?

One of this year’s biggest challenges for new dog owners is without a doubt, separation anxiety. As more and more of us return to work outside the home, it’s the biggest worry we’re facing. Although preparation and training are key to a successful change in routine, a new survey suggests many of you would be willing to take more extreme measures for your beloved pooch.

Five Lake District attractions you can visit with your dog

We’re lucky enough to live in Cumbria’s Lake District. It’s a great place to have adventures with your dog. In fact, part of the reason we moved here was so we could get a dog! It’s a great place for interesting walkies, with plenty of open spaces to explore. However, it’s not just the fells and lakes that you can visit with your pooch. There are plenty of fun attractions and heritage spots you can visit too. Here’s five we’ve already checked out with Poppy the beagle: