Treat your dog to Scoop’s ice cream

So, you may have noticed that summer has finally arrived. And many of us are enjoying our staycations with days at the beach or walks in the countryside, followed by a well-deserved ice cream. But what about our most important family member? Yes, that’s right, we mean your dog (who no doubt pulls their very best puppy face as you enjoy your treat).

Find Dog Furiendly places to go with new app

Now, I don’t know about you, but we don’t go out too often without our stinky dog Poppy in tow. I mean, she’s an absolute pest when there’s food about. But we still take her to pubs and cafes with us. And when her diet allows, she does get a few scraps (shhh, don’t tell the vet). We hate to leave her alone at home. And according to research carried out for Channel 4’s Dogs: Their Secret Lives – Sad Dogs, 85% of dogs suffer from separation related anxiety, feeling frightened, lonely or sad, whenever their owners head out to work or pop out of the house.

Tick season is upon us!

Yesterday, Poppy got her first tick of the year. And so, I thought it was probably worth writing a post about dogs and ticks. Many of you who haven’t had your dogs or puppies for long, will probably be thinking that this doesn’t really affect you. But, ticks are something that I think all dog owners should be aware of. Ticks just love our pooches!

Review: Pet hair and lint remover

I don’t know whether your Instagram feed has been full of adverts for lint rollers, but mine certainly has! One type of lint remover seems to pop up time and again. And that’s for a metal device that claims to be able to remove lots of pet hair from your carpet. So, this week I decided to order one and give it a go.

A new diet club for dogs will launch this spring

If you’re struggling to keep your dog’s weight under control, then you’re not alone. According to a new study, nearly half of dog owners confess to overindulging their pooch since start of the pandemic. And seriously, who can blame us? However, it’s not good in the long-term for dogs to be overweight. So, if you’re thinking about getting your dog back into shape this spring, you might like to know about the new ‘Fitness Furst’ Diet Club for dogs!

Two stylish bags for the pooch about town

The spring weather is on its way, despite the recent snow. And with lockdown restrictions slowly being lifted, we’re about to start going out a bit more. If you have a puppy or you’ve got used to your little pooch being your constant companion during the pandemic, you may not want that to change. And walking your dog everywhere may not be practical, especially if they’re a small breed like a Chihuahua. So, you might be looking for a way to take them with you when you pop into town. This week, I spotted a couple of stylish bags, designed for carrying your pet with you. Take a look at these beauties: