Pooch & Mutt Fish, Potato & Pea dog food
Pooch & Mutt's Fish, Potato & Pea complete wet dog food

Pooch & Mutt launch food for dogs with sensitive digestion

If you’ve got a dog with a sensitive tummy, you’ll be pleased to hear that Pooch & Mutt have just launched a new wet food. Not only is it healthy and grain-free but it’s designed specifically for dogs with sensitive digestion and gastrointestinal disease.

What is this new dog food? Well, it’s Fish, Potato & Pea flavour, which may not sound that tasty to you but with more than 60% fish, it’s bound to be lapped up by your pooch. So, although it’s low fat, it’s not low on protein. Plus, it’s an all-natural recipe that isn’t bulked out with junk. It’s naturally hypoallergenic too, so it’s suitable for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies.

Ingredients for dogs with sensitive digestion

Sustainably-sourced white fish is used in this new recipe. Which is not just a nutritious protein source but a great option for fussy eaters. We’ve got a beagle, so fussy eating is not something we’ve experienced personally! Anyway, fish is high in Omega 3 fatty acids. This has many benefits, including improving joint, skin and coat health. And it’s rich in antioxidants which can help strengthen the immune system.

Often, dogs are allergic or sensitive to common proteins such as chicken or beef. We recently cut beef and lamb from Poppy’s diet to help with her allergies. Fish is a less common allergen. This makes it a good option for you to try if you suspect an allergy. Although, we would recommend seeing a vet if you suspect your furry friend is suffering with allergies. They can help you draw up a plan for managing these problems.

However, for many dogs with digestive issues, feeding a simple low-fat simple diet with high-quality ingredients is a good option to explore. So, this new low-fat recipe with fish, potato and pea from Pooch & Mutt may be one to try. As well as the low fat and allergy-friendly ingredients, it’s full of protein. Protein is vital for your dog. It provides the amino acids they need for cell growth, repair, and maintenance. Plus, it goes easy on their digestive tract.

Other benefits of this dog food

As with other flavours in their wet food range, this new recipe contains prebiotics. These help the good bacteria in the gut to flourish and promote a healthy microbiome. A healthy gut can produce many benefits throughout the body, from improving mood and behaviour to providing a healthy skin and coat. The brand pride themselves on their ‘good mood food,’ using the power of positive nutrition to help pooches live long, happy and healthy lives with their owners.

If you haven’t heard of Pooch & Mutt before, they cater for dogs that are overweight or suffer from gastrointestinal disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease; or those that are prone to pancreatitis. They were founded by Guy Blaskey, a dog owner who was dissatisfied with the pet foods on the market.

This new Fish, Potato & Pea complete wet food recipe is currently available online and comes in a pack of 12, 375g cartons.

If you’ve got a dog with sensitive digestion and have tried this new food, let us know how you got on!