JR Pet Products turkey pate and duck coins review
JR Pet Products' turkey pate and duck coins, photo by Good Doggy Guide

Review: Natural dog treats by JR Pet Products

This Christmas, we decided to get a few natural treats for our dog to enjoy. After all, no Christmas Day would be complete without a few treats would it? Following a quick search of the internet, I came across JR Pet Products. Their natural treats looked pretty promising, so we thought we’d give them a try.

A family company, JR Pet Products sell a variety of natural treats for dogs. Their online shop sells a mix of training treats, meat sticks and chews. Some are not for the faint-hearted! I’m a vegetarian and I couldn’t quite face ordering any of the Primal Range (although I’m pretty sure Poppy would love it).

Instead, I opted for the Pure Turkey Paté and a packet of Pure Duck Coins. I thought they’d be suitably festive. They turned up quite quickly and with minimal packaging (mostly free from plastic, which I liked). And the Duck Coins came in a paper bag, with no pesky cellophane.

JR Pet Products’ Pure Duck Coins

The Duck Coins are made from 100% duck meat, with no additives. They’re grain and gluten free, and suitable for all dog breeds. Each coin is quite big (bigger than the size of a coin anyway) and crunchy like a biscuit. You can tell they’re a proper meaty treat as Poppy was very excited just by the smell! She demolished the first one in a few seconds and her tail wag was off the scale!

Pure Turkey Paté 

The Turkey paté was also a hit. Again, it’s grain and gluten free, with no preservatives. It’s 100% fresh meat, no offal and does look very firm and meaty. We gave her this chopped up with her usual kibble, but it’s also ideal for stuffing a Kong with. We fed the pate to Poppy over three days, and it stored well wrapped up in the fridge. It didn’t smell horrible like some meaty dog food products can, so I’m pleased with that.

I’m definitely going to order from them again, for special occasions at least. So, all in all, it’s a big thumbs up from us and an enthusiastic paw up from Poppy!

We aim to make our reviews honest and up front. They’re based on our best judgement and Poppy’s discerning tastes (although she does like sheep poo, so make your own mind up about that one). So, if you find this review useful, do check out our reviews page. And if you’ve tried other treats from the JR Pet Products range, do let us know what you think too!