Lint roller and pet hair remover review
The lint and pet hair remover takes dog hair out of our rug.

Review: Pet hair and lint remover

I don’t know whether your Instagram feed has been full of adverts for lint rollers, but mine certainly has! One type of lint remover seems to pop up time and again. And that’s for a metal device that claims to be able to remove lots of pet hair from your carpet. So, this week I decided to order one and give it a go.

Our robust Henry vacuum does a great job of removing pet hair in general, but our dog does shed an awful lot! And I have noticed that the dog hair is starting to build up in our rugs. So, I decided to buy a lint remover from a seller on Etsy. It wasn’t expensive and it arrived really quickly, which was great.

This type of lint remover is often called a lint roller, but it isn’t a roller. It’s a metal scraper with tiny grooves that catch the hair and fluff as you run it over the carpet. The first thing to say, is it does actually work. As you can see from a test on our rug, it brings up a lot of dog hair. Now, I should mention that we tried it on an inexpensive rug first. And it brought up so much hair because we hadn’t hoovered for a few days. The spot we tried is where our dog loves to roll each morning!

We did give it a try on other bits of the floor around the house. And it does do a good job. However, you should also be aware that it’s quite abrasive. It does take up bits of loose fibres from rugs and carpet. And I certainly wouldn’t use it on anything delicate – especially clothes. Or on expensive rugs and flooring.

Is it worth the money? Yes. Is it a good gadget for dog owners to have? Yes. And it’s a lot cheaper than paying out for a fancy vacuum cleaner (Dyson, cough). Would I use it regularly? Not really. I think it’s good for giving the carpets and rugs an extra clean. So, if you’re having a spring clean or getting ready for guests to visit (when that’s allowed, of course), then this is ideal. I think if you used it all the time, then you could end up with threadbare carpets! Is it better than the sticky lint rollers? Definitely. We had one of those but you quickly get through a roll. Although, lint rollers are better for furnishings and clothes.

Have you tried any pet hair and lint removers? How did you find them? Let us know! And if you fancy reading more reviews for dog products, then head over here.

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  1. There’s something very satisfying and cathartic about using this roller. It’s a good idea to test it on an inconspicuous area first otherwise you might end up with holes in your rug!

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