asobu dog bottle bowl
Poppy takes a drink from the Asobu dog bottle bowl

Review: Asobu Dog Bowl Bottle

With this recent spell of hot weather we’ve been walking Poppy, our beagle, early in the morning and late at night. But even then, she’s finding it a struggle. We’ve cut the time down quite a bit to help her out and we’re taking water with us everywhere.

We have a collapsible drinking bowl which has been great when we’re out and about. Of course, that can be a bit impractical at times, especially when I’m popping the bowl into shape and trying to pour out some water. And the old plastic bottle we’re using to carry water, soon gets warm and occasionally it leaks in my bag.

These issues have lead me to having a bit of a scout about on the internet for a handy alternative. I’ve seen a few designs with combination bottles and bowls. Some have a button to dispense water straight into an integrated bowl. Others flip out and pour straight in. But, that doesn’t really help with keeping the water cold. And reviews point out that many of these gadgets aren’t particularly rugged nor do they have the capacity to hold much water. Although our beagle is a medium-sized dog, she’s a messy drinker, so she gets through a fair bit of water.

Then I happened across a different type of bottle and bowl from Asobu. I’ve never heard of them before but the reviews seemed pretty good and I noticed that replacement bowls can be bought online, which is handy. The other thing that drew me to this particular dog walking bottle is it’s insulated and made from stainless steel. So, it should keep the water cold, be durable and easy to clean. So, I took a punt.

Pros and cons of the Dog Bowl Bottle from Asobu

Now, reviews did say that the Asobu Dog Bowl Bottle is chunky. And indeed it is. That means it might be a bit cumbersome for some to carry around. However, I think that’s the trade off for having a bigger capacity bottle. I’ve popped it in my rucksack a few times now and even when it’s tipped on its side, it hasn’t leaked. So, I can live with the size. It also has a large looped handle on the side. This might be a bit annoying if I need to pack lots into my bag but it does make handling and pouring easier.

asubo bottle bowl for dogs
The dog bowl bottle gets the paws up from Poppy

The bottle seems to work in terms of keeping water chilled and the top is easy to screw on and off. The bowl section screws on and off from the bottom of the bottle. This is pretty neat, but we’ve noticed that you do need to be sure you’re screwing it on level or it can jam. But on the whole, the bowl easier to get ready than our collapsible one and a bit less messy when it comes to putting it back in my bag.

My overall verdict on the bottle and bowl combo

This bowl bottle is quite expensive, but I found a cheaper supplier on eBay. So, I ended up paying a fair price. I’d recommend you do the same if you’re thinking of getting one.

Personally, I’m pretty happy with the Asobu Dog Bowl Bottle. I think it’s a great option for those who carry a bag when they’re out with their pooch. And it’s definitely a good pick for those with a bigger dog that needs to drink more water.

If you’re out with your dog in the hot weather, I would always recommend having water with you. I’d also urge you to check out our other advice on dealing with dogs in the hot weather and how to keep your dog cool.